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What's new?

2009-02-12 About: updated CV.
2008-09-07 About: added ubiquity commands, TRIPLE-I08 news and paper update incl. some minor reorganisation of the page structure.
2008-07-07 A quick linked data intro is available [slides] [video]
2008-06-26 A first version of our multimedia data interlinking concept demonstrator, CaMiCatzee, is available
2008-01-17 In less than a week we'll release the riese (a pun; riese is the German term for giant)
2007-09-06 SemanticDiscussion: My Semantic Web Stack ...
2007-07-27 Launched the ramm.x activity ...
2007-06-13 About: updated papers, thesis supervision, tutorials, etc.
2006-12-21 Created a blogr.com site to support SemanticDiscussion.
2006-12-18 SemanticDiscussion: Yet Another Semantic Gap ...
2006-12-08 SemanticDiscussion: a followup to Explaining the SW in 10s ...
2006-11-20 A collection of utils is available: JRS Semantic Web Utils
2006-10-04 Added del.icio.us links to sidebar.
2006-08-04 About: added projects and updated papers (RDF).
2006-06-22 About: updated papers, tutorial and stuff ...
2006-05-12 SemanticDiscussion: some thoughts on Rules vs. Reasoning ...
2006-03-29 Reorganised navigation.
2006-03-27 My foaf-description is now available.
2006-03-23 Relaunch of sw-app.org. Init version goes online. Still a lot under construction and work in progress here ;)
2006-03-22 SemanticDiscussion: some thoughts on an Object-Oriented View of the Semantic Web ...
2006-03-13 SemanticDiscussion: some thoughts on Web 2.0 and Semantic Web ...
2006-03-07 Redesign finished, new content and content structure.
2006-03-06 Starting relaunch of sw-app.org. Focusing on Semantic Web basics, applications and media.
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