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Dr. Michael Hausenblas

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My name is Michael Hausenblas and I work at DERI. If you are interested in further details, you may also want to visit my private homepage or read my Web of Data blog.

My OpenID is

My email address is michael.hausenblas AT

My nickname on skype, IRC, and most other social media sites is mhausenblas.

Picture of Michael Hausenblas, 2011


Some of the activities I'm involved at the moment:

  • Co-ordinator of LATC (LOD Around-The-Clock), an FP7 EC Support Action
  • Creator of aLODin (Linked Open Data with actions)
  • Contributing to Tabulator, a generic data browser.
  • More via Github ...

Business Card

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Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI),
National University of Ireland, Galway
IDA Business Park, Lower Dangan,
Galway, Ireland
Tel.: +353 91 495730


I am based in Galway (53.2719444 latitude, -9.0488889 longitude.)


Public Exponent: 65537
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Some of the people I know and had the pleasure to work with, so far:

For a more complete list see also


Semantic Web, linked data, multimedia, Social Web, etc.
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